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—Drinks —


Beers On Tap

1500 - Helles Lager Smooth, balanced, rich malt character   -  5.3% ABV Atlas Brewing, Washington DC
K.Kapowski - Amber Balanced, Caramel, Malty, Crisp finish -4.8% Black Flag Brewing Co., Colombia MD
Cutlass - Vienna Style Lager Toasty, Amber, Biscuty, Slightly Sweet, Slighty Earth -2.25%ABV Heavy Seas Brewing, Baltimore MD
The Citizen - Belgian Style Pale Ale Bread-like, Malty, Light, Fruity Sweetness, Phenolic - 7.0%ABV DC Brau Brewing, Washington DC
Lot #3 - India Pale Ale Citrus, Pine, Agressively Hopped, American Style -6.5% ABV Evolution Brewing, Salisbury MD
Mambo Sauce - Double IPA Big, Smooth bitterness, Juicy, Tropical, Served in snifter -8.0%ABV Black Flag Brewing Co., Columbia MD
Exile - Red Ale Pale, Well Balanced, Assertively hopped, Malty, Fruity -5.9%ABV Evolution Brewing, Salisbury MD
Raspberry Cider  - Hard Cider Sweet, slightly tart, raspberry - 4.5%ABV Red Shedman Farm Brewery, Mt. Airy MD
Slater Stout -  Stout Full-bodied, Mayorga coffee, clean finish, cocoa - 5.6%ABV Black Flag Brewing Co., Columbia MD
Farm Fuzz – Belgian-style Witbier  Smooth, Peachy, citrusy, Slightly dry finish, matly - 4.9%ABV Manor Hill Ellicott City, MD
Grisette  -  Farmhouse Ale light and sessionable, subtle hop flavor, tropical fruit and lemongrass provides lots of juicy citrus flavor, very dry finish-  4.7%  -  Manor Hill Ellicot City, MD